“I am writing to thank you and your amazing team. Your team talked to my mother, soothed her, fed and washed her provided personal care and medications and ensured her protection. You also provided my sister and me with confidence, support, council, friendship and laughter so that we could focus on our mother, our emotions and the many realities we had never before faced.”

Mike (Hospice Care)

“Jeanette, you and your staff are angels on earth! Our family appreciates all of the work everyone does and I’m sure it makes dad’s days a little brighter having a smiling face around. I wouldn’t hesitate a second to recommend your services to anyone else who would inquire about it. You are the best!”


“Beyond the basic requirement of providing for my mom’s safety and physical needs, TLC Homecare has provided a tenderness, creativity, personal interest and thoughtfulness that is priceless.”

Dick (24-hour care)

“Thank you once again for the great care you provided for my mother. You provided the care along with working together with Hospice so mother could stay at home which is what she wanted if at all possible. Mom told me several times that the care workers are like angels to her and was thankful for their help and dedicated service.”

Tom (Hospice care)

“We are so thankful for your perseverance during the difficult times. Without TLC Homecare, so many things would have been different. Our hope of keeping mother at her home until the end was realized because you had that same hope. You will always be in our hearts.”

Jan and Mike and family (24-hour care)

“We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate everything you did for my dad. Your genuine care and concern showed in how much he improved and how clean and neat his house become.”

Wayne and family

“What a wonderful service you provide for people like me. I was well taken care of and it was good to be in my own home. Thanks for all the special treatment.”

(Companionship care)